Does Your Child Have A Noticeable Birthmark? Consider Taking Them To A Pediatric Dermatologist

If your child has a noticeable birthmark, such as on their face, this can affect them later in life. Because of this, take your child to a pediatric dermatologist now before they get older and start school. Below is information on how a dermatologist can help your child with this.  Laser Treatment  Laser treatment is often used to treat and remove birthmarks. They may use a vascular laser or a pulsed dye laser.

This Is Why A Skin Cancer Check Is Never A Bad Idea

When people think about potentially having cancer, chances are dread is the first thing to come to mind. Unfortunately, many people who are worried about their symptoms put off getting help instead of seeking it out immediately. If you've discovered something on your skin that is worrying you, or you have a family history or some other reason to worry over the risk of having skin cancer, you shouldn't ever put off getting checked out.