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All About Mole Removal

If you have a mole then you may be ready to be done with it. Moles can be difficult to deal with for a variety of reasons. They may be in a place that makes you feel self-conscious, such as right on your face. The mole may be in a location that irritates you, such as where it rubs against a piece of clothing or interferes with you in another way. No matter what your reason is for not wanting to deal with your mole anymore, you will be glad that you can get rid of it. Here are some of the different methods that you can choose for mole removal.

Mole removal surgery

If your doctor has determined that your mole should be removed with surgery, then this can consist of one of a few different methods. One method is the excision method where the surgeon will cut the whole mole out entirely. There is also the shave excision where the mole will be shaved off after you have been given a local so you won't feel the procedure. There is also the punch biopsy method which is done using a punch-out device and it is used for smaller moles.

Laser removal

Another option that you may be able to go with in order to remove your mole is laser removal. This is normally a good option for moles that are flatter. With this method, a local will be applied to reduce your chances of feeling anything and a laser will be used to remove the mole. This method generally takes a few sessions until it is removed completely.

Natural removal

There are different natural ways that you can go about trying to remove your mole. One of these methods includes using creams that you can purchase over the counter at most pharmacy's and even at some of your local grocery stores. You can also go to a natural food store sometimes and find an all-natural method that's made out of certain herbs, roots, and other all-natural ingredients.

The best thing for you to do when you find a mole is to go in to a doctor like Associated Skin Care Specialists first and have them look at it to make sure it isn't one that you need to be concerned with. Then, they can suggest all of the different ways they would recommend you go about removing it.