Skin Cancer Screening

This Is Why A Skin Cancer Check Is Never A Bad Idea

When people think about potentially having cancer, chances are dread is the first thing to come to mind. Unfortunately, many people who are worried about their symptoms put off getting help instead of seeking it out immediately. If you've discovered something on your skin that is worrying you, or you have a family history or some other reason to worry over the risk of having skin cancer, you shouldn't ever put off getting checked out. Here's why.

Most Treatable

Skin cancer is a big threat, but it can actually be curable if it's caught early enough. When skin cancer is limited to a small mole or other skin defect, it can usually be completely removed, stopping cancer in its tracks. However, this period of time is limited. Once skin cancer starts to progress, treating it typically requires more intensive treatment, like chemotherapy, radiation, and more skin being removed.

The average dermatologist will tell you that it's never an over-the-top reaction or silly for you to get checked out, even if it turns out to be nothing. You'll be able to sleep at night if it's nothing, and if it turns out to be cancer, diagnosis and treatment can get started right away to ensure the best results.

Biggest Organ

One of the reasons why skin cancer is such a problem once it becomes more developed is because of the skin itself. While most people think about organs as being things like the kidney and heart, a person's skin is considered to be the largest organ of all, encompassing your entire body. Unfortunately, this means that cancer can travel fairly easily, spreading over the skin and permeating through into the other organs and tissues beneath it. This also allows cancer to reach lymph nodes more readily, which can lead to cancer cells traveling everywhere through the body.

If It Isn't Cancer

Keep in mind that if you have a dermatologist check you over and take a biopsy, it might turn out to not be cancerous. However, that doesn't mean that you can't get help for your appearance while you're there, as well. If a suspicious area of your skin or a mole has been bothering you, it'll be great news to find out that it's nothing serious. However, removing it or otherwise treating it to reduce its appearance can help you to feel more confident about yourself, too. Some people have moles removed just because they become irritated when rubbing up against clothing or skin. In short, if your skin concern turns out to be nothing, you can come away from the experience relieved and looking better than ever.

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