Dispelling 3 Misconceptions About Botox

There are many misconceptions out there about Botox. These misconceptions may have you thinking twice about using this popular treatment. Learning more about these misconceptions and the truth surrounding them can help you obtain the information you need to make a decision as to whether Botox may be right to incorporate into your beauty regimen. Here are three common myths related to Botox and the truth about these myths.  1. Botox Is a Filler or Plumper [Read More]

Do You Have Lumps on Your Skin? Check for Lipomas

If you have lumps on your skin that are painless and soft, you may have a lipoma. While Lipomas are tumors of fat tissue, they are harmless. Still, you'll want to visit a dermatologist to make sure the tumor isn't cancerous or something else. People mainly remove lipomas for cosmetic reasons. However, a lipoma can cause pain if it rubs against other skin—like in the armpit—or if it is chafed by clothing. [Read More]

Strategies For Minimizing Scarring After Mohs Surgery

If you were diagnosed with malignant melanoma, then your dermatologist may have recommended that you undergo Mohs surgery. During this procedure, layers of skin are removed and analyzed under a microscope until no evidence of melanoma cells is detected. Once the last layer of skin that has been removed is clear of melanoma cells, no additional layers are removed. While effective, Mohs surgery, as well as all other types of skin cancer surgery, cause scarring. [Read More]

Identifying And Treating Skin Cancer: What To Expect

If you've noticed an unusual growth on an area of your body, you might feel a bit nervous about it. If it's not a skin tag and it looks a bit more like a mole, there's a chance that this growth could be cancerous. When dealing with an unusual growth on your body, you should have it checked out immediately. If it's cancer, you'd be able to receive treatment and possibly catch the cancer in its early stages because it often spreads as time goes on. [Read More]